Food is Bae


The Flesh is Rising via Food

I had a serious addiction to food. While eating one thing, I contemplated what I would eat next.  I was buried by physical, emotional and mental weight and I allowed food to keep me there. It kept me buried physically because I constantly gained weight. It kept me buried emotionally because I was constantly using it to comfort me. It kept me buried mentally because it consumed my thoughts. In church, I’d often block out or miss parts of the preacher’s message because I was thinking about what I’d eat after. I’d also get side-tracked during prayer, pondering where we should go to eat. Believe it or not, food became an idol.

My flesh wasn’t desiring the obvious like alcohol, sex, drugs, etc. It desired food; which could be much, much worse. There is a direct connection to the pleasure center of our brain through food as it is with alcohol, drugs, sex and other sin. Food seems so innocent, but we are programmed to believe that we need it far more than we do. The devil knows that the one thing we can’t get around consuming is food. If he can build up our desire for food, as he does with any other sin, he could use it as an even more powerful tool. Who is the god of society? Yes, Satan, the very devil himself. Society teaches us that food is a requirement and must be consumed multiple times daily. If we take time to conduct the proper research, we will discover that, this is actually not true. Our bodies are built to sustain long periods of fasting as long as we remain hydrated with water.

Think about society’s tactics. The amount of billboards, commercials and other forms of marketing that leave you salivating. There’s even something called: “Food Porn” going around on social media. Do you ever wonder when someone eats something that tastes so delicious to them, they moan and say: “Mmmm!”, which is very similar to the same reaction that someone would have during sex? It’s because the pleasure you receive from food is connected to the pleasure center of your brain, as is sex. Society has incorporated this “I Gotta’ Have It” mentality towards food. In doing this, it’s able to cripple the people of God; not with any of the more “obvious sins”, but the sin of gluttony (Philippians 3:19) which causes obesity.

As most of us may know, there is a huge problem with obesity worldwide and even more so in the church. There is a large majority of us who are obese. Everything we seem to do as a church is revolved around food: Church Fellowships - usually over food, Church Outreach - usually includes invitations to some type of potluck, Church Fundraisers - we sell food to raise money. Cases of obesity-related illnesses are spreading at alarming rates both in and out of the church. Something needs to be done. A change needs to happen, but how do we fix it? Well, like any other sin that seems too tough to beat... We crucify the flesh through fasting and prayer (Mark 9:14-29).

Praise God for the latest research conducted that has revealed the benefits of incorporating Intermittent Fasting (IF). There are many types that can be done. I encourage you to do your research. Find which form of IF works best for you and then incorporate it into your daily eating, with the approval of your healthcare provider.

Leslie Rob